General bases

Local Collaborate and Sponsors::
Teatro Casino Prado. c / Francesc Guma 6-14. Sitges. Suitable for those with physical disabilities. Air conditioner. Annex space analysis.

Dates and times:
From 22 to 30 July 2020.
From 22 to 29 the round will be in the afternoon at 4:30 p.m. The day 30 will be at 3:30 p.m. The maximum waiting time from the indicated time to start the game will be one hour. The draw for the first round will be published on Monday 22 of July from 1 p.m. o’clock.

Group A:
Open to all players with FCE, FEDA and FIDE license in force.

Group B:
Open to players with FCE, FEDA and FIDE license in force; having elo FIDE < 1950. Any player who requests it and meets the requirements of group A, may participate.
Both groups are valid for rules and elo FCE, FEDA and FIDE.

System and pace of play:
Swiss system based on rating, 9 rounds, FIDE in both groups.
The pace of play is set to 40 plays in 90 minutes with an increase of 30 seconds per play for each player; Plus 30 minutes with an increase of 30 seconds per move, to ‘finish’.
A maximum of two byes may be requested. For each requested bye, zero points will be assigned.

Registration and registration:
Tournament entry is open to players who have a federal license in force. Players can register through any of the following ways:

  • Sending an email to
  • lCalling 93 8943110 (10 to 14 hours)
  • Completing the form
Telephone forms will be entered once the registration fee. The organization reserves the right to accept entries.
Are exempt from registration the players invited by the organizers.

Organization open ‘Vila de Sitges’ reserves the right to refuse admission and may reject any application for registration that it deems appropriate.

– Sunway participants open in 2019 will have a bonus of open enrollment ‘Vila de Sitges 2020’. Likewise, those who participate in the open Vila de Sitges 2020 will also have bonus on open enrollment ‘Sunway Sitges 2020’.
– Players with disabilities recognized by the FCE will have a discount of 5 €.
– Subscribers players Peon de Rey magazine will have a 10% discount on the final price to pay.

The Organization of the Tournament reserves the right to refuse admission and may reject any application for registration that it deems appropriate.

Likewise, the Organization reserves the right to cancel the tournament before its celebration, if, in its opinion, a situation that justifies it occurs or there is not a minimum of 150 registered players.


Group A   Before 8/7/2020 Players Sunway 2019 before 8/7/2020
Youth / Veterans (>64 years)  35€ 30€ 25€
 Seniors 40€ 35€ 30€
 Partners Casino Prado 15€    

Group B   Before 8/7/2020 Players Sunway 2019 before 8/7/2020
Youth / Veterans (>64 years)  30€ 25€ 20€
Seniors 35€ 30€ 25€
 Partners Casino Prado 15€    

Discounts to players who make the payment of registration before July 8 in the bank account shall apply: IBAN – ES4700810063260004080122 / SWIFT – BSABESBB
(It is mandatory to state the full name entry).

The playoffs will be valid both for classification purposes and for the production of trophies and cash prizes. Therefore, no trophies or cash prizes will be divided among the players who had been tying points.
The tiebreaker system will be:
1. Particular result
The second, third and fourth games will be drawn after finishing the last round

2. Recursive performance
3. Performance
4. Half of the opponent's ELO (minus the two worst)

Competition committee:
In this tournament will be a Competition Committee that will determine the first day of play and before the same may appeal the referee’s decisions principal (maximum before finishing the round in play). It shall consist of the Tournament Director, and 4 players chosen in the first round among the participants of the tournament: 2 starters i2 reserves

Arbitration claims:
Any claim with an arbitration decision will have to made in writing (by official form of claims that will be available) to the Competition Committee. It should be a maximum of one hour before the end of the game that had taken place the disputed decision.
Decisions can always be appealed to the relevant bodies of the federation.

Daily publication of all details of the tournament: – and facebook chess sitges

The tournament has official complaint

Failure to meet any of the items listed below, may result in the loss of any item or even expulsion from the tournament and loss of any right to return of any prize and registration amount the player had been paid .

  1. The Open Chess ‘Vila de Sitges’ shall be governed by these rules of play, the Laws of Chess and the current FIDE regulations, interpretations and supplements included.
  2. Participation in the tournament implies knowledge and tacit acceptance of these rules of play.
  3. It is the responsibility of each player Joining the right group of each of the tournaments you decide to dispute. Also, the player must ensure that the data are correct it included in the various registration lists and classifications, and should inform the Tournament Organisers in case of an error. Discovered that if a player is not registered in the right group or has provided some incorrect information deliberately, it will be directly expelled from the Tournament.
  4. Winners (or both if tables) Players will be responsible for communicating the results of their games match officials. If the results of a match has not been notified to the referee team, you will lost that game by both players.
  5. The repositioning of the pieces, board and clock to its original position will also be responsible for the players, once finished the game. They may not be removed from the gambling halls the elements necessary for the running of the games.
  6. Players agree to attend the playrooms with proper clothing and have a correct and sporting behavior.
  7. Smoking will not be allowed in the playing hall.
  8. Entry unless mobile phones are turned off and thus maintained for the duration of the game shall be permitted. entry into the gambling halls of any electronic device that could be used to provide some help chess players will not be permitted. The player authorize the referees to see if the phone is off in case you have any doubt on this point.
  9. Players may not leave the gambling halls without justification or permission from a referee while on course their games.
  10. The Tournament Organization reserves the right to make some small specific amendment in times of different tournaments, in order to improve their development. Also, if advise the referees, the Organization may increase or decrease the number of rounds. But it is expected to be an unlikely circumstance, if any changes occur, players from the same well in advance will be notified.
  11. Participation in the tournament implies acceptance by the player that their personal data and items can be published in different media that the Organization considers appropriate for better dissemination of the event. These means include, for example, lists of registration (paper and online in different media), match results, rankings tournaments, broadcasting, etc.