La Penya Chess Casino Prado Suburense de Sitges was founded on March 20, 1932. It has since been the oldest section of the Centenarian Entity Casino Prado Suburense and the fourth oldest sports association in Sitges.

It is a club that develops its activities in three frameworks of action:

  • Participation in federated official competitions.
    • Each season participates in the autonomic championships organized by the Catalan Federation of Chess and sometimes in the championships of Spain, representing Catalonia.
  • Training.
    • Our club has been betting for many years on a training task given to the students of the city of Sitges and / or the region el Garraf, through its School of Chess.

Of these two activities you can access more comprehensive information on the web: www.penyaescacscp.com.

  • Organization of tournaments.
    • Has organized up to date, 45 editions of its International Open Chess ‘Vila de Sitges’, currently (together with Badalona) the deans of Catalonia, in its modality of 9 rounds uninterrupted.
    • Has also held 3 Closed International Tournaments, coinciding with club ephemeris.

This latest activity has more exhaustive information on this website